Ordering Drinks Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

We sell affordable drink staples at our local bar in Binghamton, NY

These days, a night out with your friends can really add up. Spendy specialty cocktails can lead to a tab that sends you reeling. But you don't have to bust your budget to have a good time. Sach's Tee House is a local bar in Binghamton, NY that serves classic cocktails and draft beers for an affordable price. We sell all the drink staples, so you're sure to find a libation you'll love.

Enjoy a night out without worrying about the bill. Stop by our local bar today.

Take advantage of our drink specials

In addition to our low-priced cocktails and beers on tap, we also feature deals all week long. Our local drink specials can give you a chance to try something new without worrying about the cost. And, your friends will love the variety and affordability of our options. Call ahead or stop by to check out the local drink special we're offering tonight.