Absolutely loved the remodel and new ownership. I had the steak quesadillas and they were the best I've had.. bring cash as they currently don't accept debit ( which was a downer) but they have an ATM available .. also a jukebox with everything you could want to play

Kevin L

Great food, awesome environment, and the staff are great, rapid with service and super friendly!! Highly recommend!!!

Kelly G

Have been meaning to come here for so long! Wondering why we waited!
We went in the front entrance, into the bar. We asked if we could eat at the bar and were told we could eat anywhere we liked, but that the bar and restaurant tabs were separate. No problem.
We ordered some drinks and grabbed some menus. So many burger/sandwich options, salads, pizzas, wings, appetizers.
The server made sure to tell us promptly that it was cash only, good to know.
We each got burgers - The Reggie and the Rustler, and instead of chips, did the $2 charge to get house cut fries with one, sweet potato fries with the other.
Great presentation, the Rustler was overwhelmingly tall, with a skewer down the middle. The burgers were cooked just right and had take great flavors and seasonings. The fries were great, too, and a huge portion.
Don't normally take burgers home for leftovers, but half the Rustler had to come home with us, along with some fries... too yummy to leave behind.
Prices are reasonable, everyone working was friendly and helpful... just a neat little place that's apparently been around (with some name changes) since the 1940's!
Would highly recommend!!


Just got a salad and mozz sticks for lunch. By far the best bar salad in town!! Delish and cheap!

Alyssa H

Fun place, nice variety of food and drink. Great bands!

Deb K

The remodeling he did is amazing! The food is good! And great prices! Such a great place to eat drink and have a good time!

Elaine T

The new owner completely remodeled the place, looks like a whole new bar! Still has great food, very reasonably priced drinks and overall great environment. I went to Thursday night trivia this week and it was a blast!

Alyssa H

Great food! Awesome staff!!! A must stop!!

James H

Had lunch with my friends- excellent food, fast friendly service!

Christi D

Great atmosphere and good food. Fun place to hang out with friends.

Vincent E

Great atmosphere, excellent food, and the bartenders were amazing!

Casey M

A great place to meet family or friends and enjoy a tasty meal and enjoy good entertainment

Dawn H

One of the best burgers I've ever had ,what was long but worth a bit of an unusual set up.

Dave J

Such good food. Just wish it was in a better location

Jenn N

Looks terrifying on outside. Inside is all new and nice people nice food great great prices!

Mindette P

Have been here multiple times and never had the same thing twice. I have never been disappointed in anything we have ever ordered. The food is so unique and delicious. Jess and her husband who is the cook are so friendly. If the food won't make you return, you are crazy. But, the service will... Super great team. I cannot say enough about this place. I tell everyone who will listen. Check it out.

Jessika A

Best burgers around and by a bit. They start with a half pound handmade THICK pattie and go from there. Tons of options beyond the basic toppings and they get very creative. Also do a special burger of the night most nights. They have one with fried onion straws that make the burger about 8" high.

They also do pizza and some really nice sandwiches. The "Chicken stackers" are layered thin chicken breast that come out to half a pound.

They also have really great wings with lots of flavors, including a really nice buffalo sauce. Last time I got a dozen they told me they were kind of small that week and would toss in some extra; there were probably 24 in my takeout box.

If you're REALLY lucky, you can catch the Philly night, tender steak in a perfectly grilled bun.

Warning, place is cash only.
Also restaurant is though a small bar and the outside of the bar is a little rundown and old, but look past the dive bar image. Bar is a separate business and is also cash only, but different bills. Right now there seems to be just the cook and a waitress, so a busy night might not be a fast stop. However... totally worth any wait!


What an amazing experience! The chef is so awesome!

April V

I got the B M S burger with hand cut fries...OMG. Even my mouth wasn't big enough for this " mile high" delicacy. Had to take half of it home. If you are in the Binghamton area you have to stop in...they have a great menu.

Marie D

Sach knows how to treat people. He's friendly and a great guy. Don't play him for $ at golf. Food there is fantastic and drinks are reasonable and always cold. Ask for Jim C to wait your table.

Scott C

The best place in binghamton to get burgers, wings, pizza. Prices way to low. The kitchen pumps out great dishes go try anything on menu and you will be back.

Ty Z

Clean, good atmosphere and pleasant staff.

Dawn J

So, so good. HUGE portions and delicious food to boot. Totally nice people and are open to customizations + always have great specials and fair prices. You've got to go here.


Awesome steak sandwich and burgers with a ton of fries!!! Pizza is awesome as well. Very nice people who own it. Reasonable drink prices also!

Tom F

The Burger's were amazing!!! Parking is rough. Be prepared to wait a bit for your order, but just know it will totally be worth it!!

William H

I'm hesitant to write a review of Sach's because part of the appeal of the place is it's "underground" nature, and too much fanfare might ruin the vibe. But I'll proceed anyway. To put it blunt: Sach's is a divey darts bar with the best restaurant in Binghamton operating out of the kitchen in the back. I personally love the environment - the single waitress, the busy bar, the league dart games happening in the dining room, the $3 charge to use the ATM to pay your cash only tab, but even if it were some other absurd environment that I hated, I'd probably still come for the food. It's easy to see that some places are synthetic - removed from and independent from their environments, placed by disconnected people, while others arise naturally out of their roots. Sach's falls squarely in the latter category. It is perfect for it's time and place and is at once an important keystone for Binghamton's culinary scene, and diamond in the rough of Binghamton. I don't have any pictures because a moment spent taking pictures would be a moment wasted not diving in.


This place has the best burgers in town!!!! Easy to get to...great staff ..amazing food and will have you coming back for more...hands down..okok!!!!!!!

Jason K

Service is slow. Food is amazing. Cheap drinks. I'd probably not get a draft, though...my kinda place.

Luke M

Great food, excellent service, low prices, its the perfect place for food, drinks, and entertainment.

Joe S

Have not been there yet, however, the pictures of the food look amazing. I have only heard positive results from actual customers, not just people walking by.

Andre L